Red Stag hunting with Polányi Hunting co., Western Hungary, Somogy county

Red Stag hunting with Polányi Hunting co., Western Hungary, Somogy county

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Dear Hunting Friends! Dear Guests!

The Polanyi Hunting Co (South-western part of Hungary, Somogy County) is inviting you to the following red stag hunting:

Our red stag hunting prices for the 2023/24 season (September 1, 2023 – January 28, 2024):
Trophy weight (kg)                Price (Ft)
Beak Stag                                100 000Ft
2,5 kg                                      200 000Ft
3 kg                                         270 000Ft
3,5 kg                                      300 000Ft
4 kg                                         350 000Ft
4,5 kg                                      350 000Ft
5 kg                                         450 000Ft
6 kg                                         570 000Ft
7 kg                                         800 000Ft
8 kg                                         1 000 000Ft
9 kg                                         1 500 000Ft
10 kg                                       2 000 000Ft
11 kg                                       2 800 000Ft
12 kg                                       3 500 000Ft (Our prices include VAT.)
Damage, injury: 50% of the fee is payable, based on the trophy weight estimated by the hunting guide.
The fee is calculated in proportion to the exact weight of the antlers of the shot stag, after the official appraisal, in relation to the nearest higher weight shown on the price list.
Measurement of the trophy weight on the invoice, 24 hours after cooking, with a large skull and set of upper teeth.
Antlers also include pearl teeth.

Other                                      Price (Ft)
Hind, Heifer shot                    50 000Ft
Damage                                  25 000Ft
Calf shot                                 40 000Ft
Damage                                  20 000Ft

Other costs:
Delivery by off-road vehicle: 400Ft/km
Guide (high sit, stalking, judging): 5 000Ft/occasion.
Searching for a damaged stag with a dog: 10% of the trophy value of the found game, if it is not found, then 50% of the estimated trophy value + km fee and the fee of a professional hunter with a tracking dog. If we call an external canine searcher, then the wage and car use determined by him must be paid in accordance with the current agreement.
Trophy cooking: 15 000Ft
Tipping the hunting guide.
Authority review fee.
For our foreign hunting guests, the fee for a 30-day hunting permit is 40 000Ft, and a 365-day permit is 230 000Ft.
We also organize hunting from horseback, fee of 10 000Ft/hour.

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