For advertisers

Dear Hunting Company!
Dear Hunting Organizer!

If you plan to acquire new hunters, from new markets, or you plan to sell your hunting programs at better pricing, you will need us.

We are a hunting program marketplace in 3 languages, for European hunters:,, We will promote your hunt advertisement in 3 language email list, plus on approx. 110 european facebook groups. On average 1 hunting advert in our sites gets 400 and 1500 “like”s, and on average between 700 and 1400 views (meaning, that the hunter actually reads the advertisement on the website). In the 2022 hunting season, we promoted approx. 400 hunts, from more than 350 hunting companies.

Once the ad is posted, the following will happen:
-Until the end of 2023, or the hunting season, your hunting ad will be searchable on, and
-The ad  will appear regularly on Facebook and our email list.
-Hunters from across Europe, who apply directly to us, will be directed to you.

How to place an ad

Simply send us ( the following:
-A few,  4-6 , horizontal (lying, landscape) photos (harvest, trophies, hunters, area, game, hunting lodge, etc.)
-Detailed ad text: description, detailed pricing.
-Your contact name, email, phone – remember: you HAVE to pick up that phone!
We will edit and publish the ad.

Our prices in 2023 – for the whole year / season

Prices – 2023 VAT%
The ads appear in 3 websites, 3 languages:,,

Incl. year-round online, social media and email promotion.
1 ad & promotion 76 € 0%
2 ads & promotion 129 € 0%
3 ads & promotion 182 € 0%
4 ad & promotion 234 € 0%

Also: please send your invoicing company and address.

Our company name: E4K Kft.
Company address: 1037, Budapest, Perényi út 33.
Bank name: MBH Bank
Bank address: Budapest
Euro account:
IBAN: HU 13 10300002-13136317-00014882 (not whats on the on the invoice!)

If you have any questions, pls. ask.

Hunters’ Greeting,