About us

How it all started…
We, who launched this marketplace for hunters, are basically a group of friends, in fact, by now, we have become a hunting association. Among us, we have people working in the financial sector, healthcare, whilst others take part in different business ventures and are generally quite good at what they do. It was not hunting that brought us together. The way it happened was that one of our dads was an “avid hunter”…and so, one of us began hunting as well. At first, the rest of us just made the usual jokes, “Would you have the heart to shoot poor Bambi?” to which someone else would answer, “The back of venison at last night’s dinner sure was delicious though.” But then, slowly but surely every one of us gathered up the courage to take a hunting course. It took some of us two or three tries to pass the exam, but we all finally did. We bought our first guns and took note of the hunting seasons…we embarked on a trip together and a new world opened up for us.
First hunting experiences…
The first big goal we all had was, of course, to kill and lay out the first field trophy. In my case, this was not so long ago: a wild boar had crossed my path. On a cold winter morning, the temperature was just around 0, we scouted, listened, paid attention and waited. Then, in the most unexpected way when I was least ready for it, right there on the path, a boar was padding along toward me. I surprised myself with the speed with which I brandished my rifle, the boar had moved over to my side and he said,” Hunter, do what the wolves once did, but be more merciful, respectful, and if I may ask, quicker, about it.” And it was done. I struggled with nausea during the evisceration process and my expensive new hunting jacket was soaked in blood and mud from carrying the carcass. Or at least that’s how I remember it. And the rest followed naturally. Some of us had previously hunted all throughout Hungary, one guy has even been to Africa. Lately, we have heard that it is worth looking around in the neighboring countries too.
Every hunter is different…
The more hunting experiences we collect and the more hunters we befriend, the more we understand how each person organizes their hunting trips and finds what they are looking for. Many have known the forest since they were children, they know everything about the lives of the game animals and their movements, these people work really hard to be able to hunt. They are the ones who are out there in the rain, mud, even snow, and sub-zero temperatures when they have a task to do. They are also the ones who take home the animal they have killed because they know how to make use of the carcass. These are the people grab their gun, put on their boots, and call their dog when the mood strikes and they are out the door and heading for the woods.
And, of course, there are those people for whom hunting is an important social occasion, a way to create strong business ties and friendships. It is a big deal to be invited to a hunting trip, appreciate it. and be sure to reciprocate the invitation in due time.
A high-quality experience for your money…
There is an increasing number of us to whom hunting is not a family tradition and it is not a given, we are first-generation experimenters who have discovered and acquired the incomparable experience of hunting little by little for ourselves. As we have become accustomed to the opportunity and joy of choice in several other areas of life, we would like to make the best of hunting as well. Why? Because not all hunting trips turn out fabulously. Sometimes the organizer is a little underprepared, or others have already been to the hunting ground before we get there leading to a significant decrease in value for money paid for the trip. We all have limited free time which we are not willing to waste on bad experiences. What’s more, hunting can be quite an expensive pastime.
The general consensus among hunters is that we are willing to pay the price of the hunting trip if it is what was advertised and lives up to our expectations. This is how it is with everything in the 21st century. Whether we are going on summer vacation, buying real estate or a used car, but even if you are ordering a pizza, we expect to get all the information and to be able to compare all the available offers, to have the opportunity to choose and find the best quality for the best price. We wish to see something similar among the advertised hunting trips: plenty of options, offers to choose from. Whether we want to hunt pheasant or partridge or to take part in a driven hunt for wild boar, we would like to compare 5-10 different offers with all the details readily available in written form. When the time has come to lay out our first fallow deer or red deer buck field trophy, we want to know as much as possible ahead of time, especially as this is a special and expensive endeavor. It is important for the whole reservation process to be easy and positive as we are getting ready to participate in our favorite pastime. Choosing should be fun and easy. We should not have to make calls or write emails to get all the information we need before making a reservation or rely on vague details while we wait for an answer. We should be able to make a decision, book, and pay the deposit based on the conditions given. We should also be able to hold the organizer accountable for their written conditions during the course of the hunting trip.
In the age of Facebook, we would like to see where our friends have booked. A central element of all online marketplaces is the possibility for consumers to have their say, in our case, for hunters to give their opinions. We want to see the opinions on the hunting trip organizers, the locations, etc. Hunting is a community activity: people who share the passion of pursuing game come together.
The advertisers…
We have talked to many organizers and hunting associations: the key to our collaboration is the following: we DO NOT organize hunting trips. Just like Doordash does not make pizza and Tinder will not marry you. This website is an efficient platform that, apart from the existing websites, email and phone number lists, fills a niche need for those who organize and advertise hunting trips. From our service’s infancy to the present day, our goal has always been providing a practical, easy-to-use website for hunting trip advertisers, the website acts as their assistant so to speak: one place for all the hunting trips they organize. This way, they can see who has paid the deposit (to make sure that they are serious about participating) as well as receive opinions, feedback. And, of course, they can see the advertisements posted by others. Who has hunted or organized driven hunts and where or the locations, where wild game is abundant, are all important information. It is important to see what the others are offering, what supplementary services they provide, accommodations, dinner, local events, etc. There are many ways to make an offer more interesting. What we would like to achieve is for the hunting trip organizer to be able to do what they do best: organizing hunting trips! No random phone calls and misunderstood emails to deal with. This enables them to provide higher quality services, which is good for the whole hunting scene. Another significant advantage: the website provides the opportunity to reach a wide range of Hungarian and foreign hunters alike, which we will see to by wisely using our marketing budget. If we do it right, the whole community of advertisers and thus, the whole hunting community will benefit. The rule of thumb is that if things are going well, the appearance of a new advertiser or hunter benefits the other advertisers and hunters. Consider this, if the “Good luck, pal” Hunting Association’s website features advertisements from the hunting association at the other end of the village, that’s not a good thing for the “Good luck, pal” Hunting Association. Because the market is finite and such ads split the hunters in the area into two groups. However, if the majority of hunting associations in Hungary, the Carpathian Basin, and the region can be found in one place, this will multiply the interest shown in a given advertisement. Three-fold, according to experts, this is known as the network effect.
Greetings to the hunter, respect for the wild game
So, we will leave you with some food for thought and recommend the use of our website. We hope you will find more and better hunting opportunities. We will definitely plan our next trip via the website. Subscribe and request “Special Offers,” “Discount hunting trips,” or “Last minute offers,” lean back and rest assured that the customer is always right. By doing so you are doing the best possible thing for hunting organizations in the Carpathian Basin. We will foremost be recommending Hungarian hunting trips, but we have more adventurous trips to offer as well for reasonable prices in the neighboring countries. In fact, we are planning on some more exotic destinations as well, but for these trips, it will be especially important for us to do background checks. We will only be offering adventures that are related to Hungary or Hungarians in some way: we know someone who has been or the organizer is Hungarian.
The Easthunting.com team
Áron Dálnoki
Annamari Juhász